Since our family moved from Prussia to the Adelaide Hills way back in 1839, we’ve been farming the same piece of beloved land.

Now, we are a proud Australian family with an unwavering passion to make your favourite dishes taste even better.

It all started when we first crafted a surplus of strawberries into a rich jam via Grandma’s pan. Six generations later, our business continues to grow, as does the homemade love we add to each and every jar and bottle.

For one of our greatest pleasures is to hear about all the “Wow”s, the “Mmm”s and the “Oh-yes-this-is-fantastic!”s that you create in your family kitchen thanks to the fresh produce that we transform in ours.

That’s why each and every jam, sauce and condiment we create on the Beerenberg farm has to be the best-tasting product in its class. Otherwise we won’t place our name and, therefore, reputation on it. And it’s how we can guarantee your family will love it just as much as ours.



One of the most significant wineries in McLaren Vale, d’Arenberg was established in 1912 when Joseph Osborn, a teetotaler and director of Thomas Hardy and Sons, sold his stable of prize winning horses to purchase the property that now houses the winery, cellar door and d’Arry’s Verandah Restaurant.

Joseph’s son Frank joined him on the land and they set about acquiring some more vineyards. Joseph Osborn died in 1921 leaving full control of the business to Frank.

In the early years grapes were sold to other wineries before the winery was built in 1927 shortly after Francis (universally known as d’Arry) Osborn was born.

Initially making fortified wines to export to England, the business prospered until World War II stifled demand. This coincided with Frank’s ill health which forced d’Arry to leave school in 1943 at age 16 to help his father run the business and work the land.

d’Arry took full control of the business in 1957 upon Frank’s death and in 1959 he launched his own wine label named in honour of his mother, Helena d’Arenberg, who died shortly after giving birth to him. d’Arry decided to put a red stripe on the label, inspired by happy memories of his school days at Prince Alfred College, where he wore the crimson-and-white striped school tie.

d’Arry’s son Chester joined the business in 1984 as Chief Winemaker and makes distinctive wines using traditional methods both in the vineyard and the winery.


Scarpantoni Wines

The Scarpantoni family originates from the Abruzzi region of central Italy on the Adriatic coast.

Domenico Scarpantoni immigrated to Australia in 1952, travelling and working around the country for a couple of years before deciding to settle in the McLaren Vale region.

It was in 1958 when Domenico and his wife Paola bought their first vineyard site of just 5.6 hectares. In 1968, they purchased the original McLaren Flat school property of 20 hectares and in the years following, a further 12 hectares of adjoining land was purchased, making the Scarpantoni’s some of the largest private growers in the region at the time.

In 1979, the Scarpantoni Estate winery was built with the aid Dom and Paola’s two sons Michael and Filippo.

The following three decades have seen major expansions to Scarpantoni Wines including the purchase of more vineyards and land around the region.

Scarpantoni Wines is very much a family business and every step of production, from viticulture to the packaged product is done entirely on the premises, giving the family total control over every stage of the winemaking process, and ensuring the highest standards are maintained.


Port Willunga Fine Foods & Giftware

I grew up with 4 siblings and New Zealand and a family that produced a wonderful array of food from a farm and my passion for fresh local produce has continued to this day.

early memories include fishing from the local swing bridge across the River Urenui with its huge mud flaps, which at low tide exposed crabs for us to chase.

Seasonally we picked wild blackberries, plums, crab apples, walnuts, tamarillo, gooseberries and mushrooms, roaming over vast distances and partly coming home with buckets full. Feijoa was a particular favourite and will be part of our gourmet range shortly.

We picked and bottled, made wine and other beverages, stored nuts and caught whitebait. Our orchard was a constant source of fruit, plums, nectarines, apricots and peaches and artichokes grown in the chook run.

Baking was commonplace with many tins filled with biscuits, slices and loaves.

During my studies in Australia, I met my husband and we soon ventured to his hometown Adelaide in 1988 where, we continued our beach holidays at Port Willunga. I started the business, ” Regional Baskets”, with Lizzie Strachan who sell a wide range of regional food sourced from small producers within South Australia and sent it to all corners of the world.

This inspired me to fulfill a niche through my own label and my family challenged me with the concept of Port Willunga Fine Foods.

Operating from our commercial kitchen in Port Willunga, the business produces a range of handcrafted gourmet food, gifts and snacks and raw materials sourced from local growers and producers.

We offer handmade, delectable products with a unique quality, creativity and character.


Baylies Epicurean Delights

The Baylies story is one of love and commitment to a cause; an unrelenting passion for quality, tradition, excellence and of course amazing food. Inspired by the vision of owners Robert and Angela Bell, the Baylies journey began in a small kitchen; quickly transforming into a small local facility based in Strathalbyn, South Australia.

Over a short period of time, the team at Baylies built an unmatched reputation for quality in the local area – and word began to spread across the country. As the grapevine worked its wonders the business began securing larger contracts and a reputation for delivering the extraordinary. In 2004, the business moved to its current location at Woodside, incorporating a purpose built industrial kitchen and distribution centre to support its flourishing client base including a contract to supply Qantas with plain lavash.

Over the years, the business has remained a family affair and it continues to grow from strength to strength. Using Robert’s vast experience and knowledge as a chef, the team are unrelenting in the pursuit of their vision; to create extraordinary food from traditional recipes delivered with excellence and passion.

At Baylies, we don’t just talk about finding great products; we work hard to deliver them. Our staunch focus on delivering a revolutionary sensory experience for our clients sees us sourcing as much as our raw ingredients from Australia as possible. That means using natural foodstuffs with no artificial flavours, fresh butter, eggs and unbleached flour. Our products are underpinned by high quality food-grade packaging that ensures our premium products are shared and enjoyed at their best.

Baylies is the pride and joy of Robert and Angela Bell who proudly create and share their passion for food through the provision of a wide range of Gourmet Fruit Cakes, Sweet Biscuits, Gourmet Crackers, Lavash, Pralines, Tart Shells, Christmas Cakes and Puddings


Matchett’s Products

Vicki Matchett, originally from New Zealand, first developed her love of food when she was about seven as she knelt on a stool to make sandwiches for the canteen where her grandmother was an industrial caterer. Being educated at Woodford House, Hawkes Bay, gave her a taste of rural life and, upon leaving school, Vicki studied agriculture. From there she traveled extensively throughout Europe and Africa.

Returning to Auckland, Vicki completed the Cordon Bleu Cookery Certificate and was then accepted into Auckland Technical Institute to study for the City and Guilds Chefs Certificate. Upon completion, Vicki moved to Australia and worked in various establishments before running her own restaurant: Rapps BYO in Adelaide.

Upon realizing that Adelaideans have spacious properties and love to entertain at home, they came up with a formula to fill a huge gap in the market – exotic takeouts (“Queen of Tarts”).

Vicki has had a high profile involvement in the development of food networks in South Australia and was a founding member of the Flavour SA. In 2000, Vicki completed the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Scholarship. She is currently a member of the Fleurieu Food Group.


 Cheeky Chocolate Queen

 I first started out in approx 2009 making rocky road for my friends. They suggested I sell it at markets, so I did and noticed no other chocolate sellers at markets so thats where it all started with chocolate frogs being the first chocolatechocolates made. I now make those frogs in 65 flavours.


Spice Girlz

Spice Girlz is a family owned, South Australian business producing a wide variety of vegan, natural and gluten-free condiments and dukkahs for 13+ years. Their products are ideal for enhancing the flavour of gourmet pizzas and burgers, slow-cooked meats and pasta.

Their condiments include:

  • Cor Blimey
  • Moroccan Jam
  • Saucy Tomato
  • Preserved Organic Lemons
  • Infused Olive Oils

Mt Jagged Wines

Mt Jagged Wines is a winery in the Southern Fleurieu region, 20 minutes away from the McLaren Vale wine region. With the vineyards spread over a sprawling wine estate, the panoramic views are worth your visit. The entry to the Vineyard is from the Victor Harbor road. They have a cellar door and arrange cellar door lunches. The vineyard caters to Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Semillon and Merlot grape varieties.